Bambu Che - Coffee - Teas |2058 S University BlvdDenverCO80210 | (720) 592-0913
Bambu Che - Coffee - Teas
2058 S University Blvd
DenverCO 80210
 (720) 592-0913
Bánh MìFrom Bambu CHÉ - COFFEE - TEAS(720) 592-0913
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Delicious Vietnamese Fusion!

Welcome to Our Café

At our cafe, we provide a large assortment of quality, delicious drinks that can satisfy your thirst and keep you charged to face the day. For example, our tasty Vietnamese coffee is perfect for early classes or late night studying. Or you can try our boba teas and bubble teas for a refreshing drink in the middle of the day. 

At our cafe and dessert shop, we also feature filling and lovely crepes, waffles, and other fresh desserts and treats. Our impressive menu is sure to meet your taste needs, and we're confident you'll love our rich, unique Asian flavors mixed with traditional American recipes. 

Bánh Mì is Here!

Stop by Bambu Chè - COFFEE -TEAS today for delicious bánh mì! Bánh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich served in a baguette and filled with delicious savor ingredients such as pork, cucumber, pickled carrots, cabbage, jalepños, and more. When you visit us for our amazing drinks, don't forget to pick up the French-Vietnamese fusion that is bánh mì—we're certain you'll love it!


Healthy, delicious drinks are as close by as Bambu Chè - COFFEE -TEAS. Stop by today or give us a call at (720) 592-0913.

item image#4 Summer DelightRed tapioca, mung bean, coconut milk, jello, grass jelly & pandan jelly
item image#5 Smashed AvocadoFresh cut avocado, pearls, dark brick & combo jelly
item image#6 Fruit AddictLychee, longan, red tapioca, jackfruit, palm seed, jello, pandan jelly, coconut & coconut milk
item image#7 Longan SunriseBasil seed, longan with juice
item image#8 Green Bean JellyGreen bean, grass & pandan jelly, coconut milk
item image#9 Red Bean ComboRed bean, taro, pandan jelly, coconut milk
item image#10 Bambu FavoriteRed tapioca, grass jelly, pandan jelly, coconut milk
item image#11 Coconut ComboFresh coconut, lotus seed, longan, jello, coconut water
item image#12 Taro LoverTaro, pandan jelly, coconut milk
item image#13 Green LanternMung bean, pandan jelly, coconut milk
item image#14 Lychee JelloJello, lychee, coconut water
item image#15 Thousand EyesBasil Seed, grass jelly

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Business Hours:

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